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The Master of Kinesis
ElectroKinesis Techniques
PyroKinesis Techniques
AeroKinesis Techniques
Biokinesis Techniques
Cryokinesis Techniques


My own made techniques are for Advanced ONLY. I was able to develope my techniques from my master Shagontsuhu.  He taught me everything that i know and i mastered everything he taught me.  The Techniques listed on this page is very Dangerous.  ONLY TEST THESE SKILLS OUT ON A WILLING PARTNER THAT IS ADVANCED.  If you do this on someone unexpected or is a beginner you could seriously injure them.  I will make a Intermediate and Beginner site im doing Advanced first because my old students want to know more techniques.  For my 2 beginner students im me and i will teach u what you need to know.

I go by the name Shagontruyu.  I have 2 students and please dont email me asking me can you become my student because im not taking anyone at the moment.

''Never Get Discourage in what you do always try to find faith and strength with in yourself'' My Master always said this to me and i want you to learn what i learn and master what i masterd.