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The Master of Kinesis


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Cryokinesis Techniques

You must prep yourself ill tell you how below

Preping Yourself
I prepped myself by taking cold baths and sometimes i even put ice cubes in my water and take a bath.  I hold 3 ice cubes in each hand and keep them there until it melt.  This is how i prep myself.
Sickle Breath
I  only use this attack once and i used it on one of the school bullies.  I use sickle breath and it made his ear black and he was screaming in pain.  Okay now bring your ki from your Chakra point to your mouth until you feel like you have enough ki. Now open your mouth at your target and blow the ki out directly at your opponent. While doing this imagine a freezing blizzard is taking place and turns your ki into ice.  You can feel this when you feel your mouth gettin cold.  Now your ki should be frozen and going at your target.  Please do not use any attack unless forced to.
Twin Freezing Ki ball Absorbers
Ok now make a ki ball  in each hand  and turn them into ice balls.  Now gather some mana inside your ki ball and make it the core of your ki ball to make it more powerful. Then in the other hand tell the ki ball to absorb or to interupt the ki flowing process of your other opponent. Fire the first Freezing ki ball that can absorb, at your opponent now imagine that it hits where your opponents focus point is at.  Now that ki ball should slow down your opponents ability to gather ki even if he/she is powered-up.  Now throw your other freezing ki ball at your opponent and this should do major damage because the first freezing ki ball you threw should of slowed it down to the point where your opponent cant gather ki in enough time to protect themsleves with a ki shield.  If your lucky the first freezing ki ball should of rendered the opponent defenseless to any ki attack.

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