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The Master of Kinesis


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AeroKinesis Techniques

Aerokinesis is hard and i promise to you that it will take sometime to master. 

(Now this is very very hard. Im still trying to find a way to Increase my ki so i can fly longer then what i am doing. I can only fly for 5 Minutes.)
There are many ways of people flying ,but this is my own way. First you power-up using any type of power-up that feels right for you. Now Levitate (if you dont know how to Levitate then your gonna have to wait until i put my intermediate site up)Now while Levitating use your ki from your chakra point and have your ki come out of your body and push you into the direction in which you wanna go.  This is how i fly, there are many different ways in flying but i prefer my way.
Air Speed Power-Up
i prefer this power up  when im in a intense battle.  First get into a stance that you are able to draw ki in (if you watch Dragonball Z you know what im talkin about).Now visualize your Ki going through your body, now visualize yourself demetrializing into the wind and becoming part of it. Try to become one with the wind. You will feel your ki going through your body real fast. When you do this the air speed of the wind around you will increase. Your Power level will not increase but your reaction time, agility, and your speed to gather Ki energy will GREATLY INCREASE MORE THAN THE KI FLAME POWER-UP.
Cyclone Pierce
This one of my most efficient attacks.  Get into your fighting stance and  Extend both of your hands infront of your chest.  Now visualize your ki inside your body and makes it form into your hands in a swirl.  Dont make your ki form a ball.  Now bring in some energy from your environment and have it swirl  around with your ki.  Now breathe in some ki and have it go directly to your hands and have it join in the swirl and on the exhale fire it at your target.  Now while its heading to your opponent in a tornado kindo of way. Picture a tornado shooting at your opponent.  When it hits imagine your ki going through your opponents focus point and out your opponents back. When it goes through your opponens back it should have some of your opponents ki.  This attack doesnt do any damage but when your opponent tries to gather ki they should have a automatic burnout if donr right.

Never Get Discourage in what you do always try to find faith and strength with in yourself