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The Master of Kinesis


ElectroKinesis Techniques
PyroKinesis Techniques
AeroKinesis Techniques
Biokinesis Techniques
Cryokinesis Techniques
ElectroKinesis Techniques

Advanced Skills: Do only if your experienced!!!

Paralyze Thunder
Visualize your ki rushing through your body  and to your   finger tips while your ki is rushing to your finger tips visualize a small ki sphere forming on each finger tip. This attack requires 100% concentration. Now focus on the ki sphere and visualize clouds forming above you  and thunder is coming down from those clouds and striking your finger tips. You know when you do this when you feel a shock go through your body or your finger tips will tingle. Now from this point you have done it and from here you can either fire your blasts or  make your energy lock on to your opponent.  This Move will sometimes paralyze your opponent ,but your opponent will always feel the shock. Also by putting all of your ki into, it then can be used as a finisher.  WARNING IF YOU  DECIDE TO PUT MANA INTO YOU KI SPHERES IT WILL MAKE IT POWERFUL BUT IT WILL BE UNSTABLE DEPENDING ON THE AMOUNT AND YOU WILL FEEL RECOIL
Electric Rail
Visualize your your ki coming from your focus point and into the tip of your hand. Now visualize some of your mana coming from you and ontop the  same finger tip. (You know when you do this when you feel that your finger is stiff or it is tingling) Now make your ki and mana come together then visualize your sphere which is at ur finger tips, have electricity come into your sphere. (Just imagine thunder running through your body)Now push your electric Ki sphere forward until you reach the length you want it to be. THIS IS NOT A BLAST AND IF YOU WANT IT TO BE JUST SCROLL UP AND DO PARALYZE THUNDER. Now this is the hard part, concentrating on keeping the rail at your finger tips and concentrating on your opponent. This attack consumes ur ki the longer it is held at your finger tips.  I dont often use this attack, i only use it when im in a desperate situation.

Never Get Discourage in what you do always try to find faith and strength with in yourself