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The Master of Kinesis


ElectroKinesis Techniques
PyroKinesis Techniques
AeroKinesis Techniques
Biokinesis Techniques
Cryokinesis Techniques

ElectroKinesis , AeroKinesis, PyroKinesis

The Use of Electricity. You must have first experience a shock of electricity so you can learn my techniques. You must get the feeling. You must be able to experience something before you can Learn it.
The Use of Fire. Lol, you dont have to get burned in order to use PyroKinesis.  You must have Potential, Determination, and Concentration to be able to use this.
The use of Wind. This is by the most hardest of them all. AeroKinesis took me 2 years to master and it was worth it.  With AeroKinesis you can control the wind using your ki from your chakra, Dan Tein. Focus Point over whatever you like to call it. Feets that you thought that was impossible is possible with the help of AeroKinesis
The control of life. I have just learned Biokinesis so bare with me people
The control of Ice.  You must prep yourself before you learn Cryokinesis.

Never Get Discourage in what you do always try to find faith and strength with in yourself